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Daniel Priebe is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt (2nd Degree) under Professor Carlos Eduardo de Araujo Farias, 3rd Degree Black Belt. Daniel started his grappling career as freshmen in high school wrestling under coaches Ernie Molina & Sammy Chagolla who were both 4x state wrestling champions, 4x All Americans, and Sammy an Olympic Alternate. Daniel was part of a 4x State Championship Team, and was Captain his senior year. His overall high school record was 134 wins and 9 losses, earning 3 straight Regional Championships, and 3rd place in State Championship 5A division. Daniel went on to wrestle for Arizona State University from 2000-2001 under 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Leroy Smith. From 2003-2007 Daniel shared his knowledge as assistant coach for North West Christian High School in Phoenix, AZ. In 2008 he found the love and passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and his grappling experience helped him to quickly excel through the ranks, and prove his skill-set through winning multiple international competitions. Daniel has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others as well as competing and continuing his personal growth.

Notable Achievements: 2019 JJWL No Gi World Campion – Black Belt 2018 FIVE Grappling Absolute Champion – Black Belt IBJJF International Champion – Black Belt (Atlanta) 2-time NAGA Champion – Black Belt 2nd Place IBJJF International Championship – Black Belt (Las Vegas, Seattle) 2-time Abu Dhabi Trial Champion – Brown Belt (East & West Coast) 2-time American National Champion – Brown Belt 2nd Place Masters World Championships – Brown Belt Pan American Champion – Purple Belt 3rd Place No Gi Worlds – Purple Belt Multiple State Championships




Message for Success

Truths for Success: * Train more than you think you can * Control your opponent * Always attack * Use angles * If they don’t Tap, they Nap or Snap * Be first with attacks or takedowns * Take the high ground, always be on top * The guard is active, sweep, sub, stand * Flow Jiu-Jitsu means gentle, sub-hard * Never grip hard until you attack * Attack so your opponent must defend * A counter attack should be revenge * Always smash * The present is the most important match * Chokes are nasty, always with brutality * Never telegraph your intention * Breathe * Jiu-Jitsu is like chess, you must think before you move * Know your ABC attacks completely * Always be one move ahead * Break your limits!

Making mistakes and finding yourself frustrated are a necessary part of your personal growth. This is true in Jiu-Jitsu and in life itself. Through the trials and errors you are forced to explore new paths to find success, in turn acquiring new skills and knowledge, or new tools in your toolbox.

Ways to Overcome Frustration: Have Fun! Jiu-Jitsu is a form of play, it’s more than who wins or loses. You are responsible for your own growth and inspiration. Having a strong desire to learn and grow will provide you with the fuel to deal with frustration. Focus on the journey not the destination. Applaud your progress, the road to Black Belt (and beyond) is hard enough. If we beat ourselves up along the way it becomes impossible. We become our own worst enemy, when we make mistakes and magnify them. Focus on what you do well and the areas in which need improvement. Don’t compare yourselves to others, compare yourself to where you used to be. Are you better than you were last month? Last year? If yes, then keep going! You will realize you have come a long way. Relax, do not become emotional. Let your face, mind and breath all reflect inner calmness. Devise a strategy and apply the technique. Be patient, without discipline there’s no mastery.

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